Castelfidardo, home of accordion

Castelfidardo is a village on the hills of the Conero coastline and it is famous for its handmade accordion manufacturing, a symbol of Italian music in the world. The International Accordion Museum is housed in the municipal building and it retraces the history of this instrument and of artisans with a precise and a bit nostalgic commemoration.

The battle of Castelfidardo, which took place in 1860, was a milestone in the history of Italian Risorgimento, when the Piedmontese army clashed the Papal State army with this city as background. Today, that battle is commemorated by a monument, unique of its kind and made in bronze by the sculptor Vito Pardo, which from the top of a hill overlooks a park surrounded by greenery and relaxing atmosphere. This historical moment is so important for the city of Castelfidardo, that citizens "Castellani", moved to pity by much bloodshed, built a memorial momuments where the remains of the soldiers of both armies could rest, in a green soothing expanse.

In a position of great charm, on the hill of Selva, built in the second half of the eighteenth century, it is Villa Ferretti. The villa has a historical importance, it is located, in fact, on the site of the sadly famous Battle of Castelfidardo. Inside it a large collection of Italian art is preserved, it was gathered by the Duke Roberto Ferretti; the artistic itinerary inside the villa Ferretti follows three themes. The section dedicated to the memory of the Ferretti family with furniture, marble objects and paintings; a section dedicated to sacred and religious art pieces and finally a part with typical art works of Marche.

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